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Hello! ^-^ You can call me Ash! I am 27 years old, my birthday is July 1st :3 I am an artist of many mediums but I mainly work with creating Twitch Emotes and other graphics ^^ I have been drawing since I was able to pick up a pencil. After HS I apprenticed at a Tattoo shop for several months but then moved on. I opened up an Etsy shop in 2015 where i sell all my goodies <3 ^^ I decided to stream Dec of 2017 while doing my freelance art on the side and here we are!
This has been an amazing ride and I've met so many wonderful people.


Discord: eyesofashes#4618
Twitter: @eyesofashes_art
or Message me through Etsy

Commission Info

If you are inquiring about a commission from me, you've come to the right place!

How it works: Visit my Etsy shop and search through the listing options under the "Emote Listing" to find the one that fits best for you!
If you don't think your idea fits in any category then contact me.

Placing the purchase: Placing the purchase will save your spot in queue. A spot is necessary due to the high demand that I have! The queue is long~ Make sure you include your Twitch name with the order.

Message me: Hit me up on Discord (If you don't have Discord then Twitter or Etsy)

Reference pics and details: Feel free to send me reference pictures of your ideas whether its art I have already done, IRL pics or even picture that share similar aspects that you are looking for.

Waiting: I will message you when the time gets closer to your spot in queue! ^^

Order up: Now that you are up in queue I will start on the sketches for your order! Sketches will be sent over which you can make edits to. Once you approve the sketches we move on.

Finish: Emotes are finished up and I test them in Discord to make sure they look perfect. You may make slight color adjustments or adjustments that wont require a complete re-do (That's the sketch phase is for)

The Files: I will email you the necessary PNG files for the work <3

The End.

Emote Examples

My Other Art